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What people are saying:

"Wow! What an extraordinary entertainer you are! Your presence at Waldorf's Medieval Faire was a huge hit! Our students and families and guests were so enchanted and thrilled at your wonderful performances and interactions. Thank you for making the event such a big success! We are so very grateful, and look forward to many more Faires with you! Many thanks!"
-Krista Wilson & Pinky Jackson, Waldorf School of Louisville

"Julie just loves you, and was thrilled to be the star of the show. She and her friends are still laughing. But what impressed me was how hard you made ME laugh. I guess I expected 45 minutes of babysitting.  Who knew a six year old's birthday party could be fun for the parents? Thank you!"
-Patti Smith, Julie's Mom

"Thank you for helping make this year's Easter Eggstravaganza a huge success. As always, your charisma and talent draw a huge crowd. We really enjoy working with you! Thanks again!
-Erin Rosacker, Richmond Parks & Recreation

"You never write! You never call! Have you given up that clown thing and gotten a Real Job?"
-Martha Strauss, Fashoo's Mom

Yeah, umm, thanks, Mom. Fashoo's special mission in life is promoting reading. Here's what librarians have to say about that. These are thumbnail reviews of my show, librarians talking to other librarians online.

"An exploration of magic around the world, via reading, with stops in Japan, India, China, Italy, Egypt, and Kentucky. This is a high energy family show, with comedy, magic, and huge amounts of audience participation. One of the library workers felt Fashoo's performance was our best ever library program. He is flexible and funny and had children standing in line to check out books on magic and juggling."
-Becky Watson, Woodford County Library

"He was fantastic. This was our first year, and the kids loved him. So did we!"
Vicki Benner, Flatwoods Public Library

"John Strauss is a wonderfully funny magician. He uses books from different countries and talks about different types of magic as he does his magic. John promotes the library in a way that I have never seen a presenter do before. He tells the children that the library is how he learned to be a magician. I can't say enough good things about this performer."
-Kathy McKibben, Rockcastle County Library

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