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Dragons, Dreams, and Daring Deeds


The king demands a magic show; but the royal magician is missing. The court jester, Fashoo the Fool, has to do the show instead. If it’s no good, off with his head! But jesters don’t do magic. A jester’s job is to juggle, tell silly jokes, and make people laugh.  What’s a fool to do? Fashoo has to run to the library and learn magic before it’s too late. Come watch the hilarity and fun of magic gone awry as a jester learns to do magic, right out of a library book.

Librarians: This program is carefully designed to work in any library, no matter how big or small. I’ve been performing magic shows in libraries all over Kentucky for years, and I’ve seen every kind of facility. I can perform for a large audience in your meeting room or I can do this show right next to the stacks. I don’t need special lighting, a microphone, or really much of anything. I’ll want a place to change clothes and a table to display your magic, juggling, and clowning books, so I can convince your young patrons to check them out.


Learn to juggle! That’s right! Learn the ancient and delightful circus skill of juggling. We’re going to teach you how to juggle three balls in the air, using only two hands. After class, the balls are yours to keep, so you can amaze your friends.

Librarians: The important things to know about this class are (1) Headcount limit is 24. (2) Although I won’t turn anyone away for being too young, I strongly recommend you set an age limit of 10 or older. There are always exceptional kids; but in general, I have found that the minimum age for this motor skill is pretty constant. Note that I have not set an upper age limit. This is a fine kid’s class but also works well for teens and adults.  I will provide the balls and that cost is budgeted into the program price.

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